Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia brought an entire encyclopedia’s worth of information to the Sega CD (Mega CD outside of the USA) on a single disk, and included not only text articles, but also pictures, sounds, and even video, making it more like a proto-Wikipedia than just a CD-based encyclopedia.  Even though it wasn’t a game, I found it an interesting use of an early CD-based system and just how much can be stored on a single CD.  Sadly, game developers decided that having an entire CD to store data meant that they could use it for “video games” that were more video than games.  At least Compton’s wasn’t conceited enough to believe that it was in any way a game.


Sonic CD (Sega CD) is the Retro Game of the Day for 17 June, 2016

Let’s just make this fast, quick, and simple.

This is the best Sonic game.  The USA version, at that.  I don’t want club/dance-inspired music that doesn’t fit at all with the game, I want videogame music, which is what the USA soundtrack is.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is second-best, the first one is third, and 3/Sonic & Knuckles… well… I don’t like the smoothed out graphics (looks sort of ugly), the music, or the level design.  Bosses are uninspired, too.  But don’t get me wrong, 3/S&K is still a great game.  But when you compare it to the other original Sonic games, it comes up a bit short.

And they didn’t make any other Sonic games after that.  Nothing you can say and no evidence you present to me can convince me that they did.  I choose to ignore it.

Reminder: RGotD is going on a little break and will be back on Monday, June 27th.  Until then: play retro games.  And only retro games.  You’ll thank me some day.