Frogger (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 30 June, 2016

Frogger is one of those simple, almost Zen-like games of utter simplicity that manifests itself into one of the greatest games of all time thanks to its simplicity.  It shows modern games like Dota 2 that celebrate an almost fanatical, insane complexity that playing a game doesn’t require memorizing an encyclopedia of information and playing for 500 hours to be “good” at it.

Okay, fine, maybe today’s RGotD is more about slamming modern games than celebrating old ones.  Deal with it.  My head feels like I have a basketball stuffed inside of it, and my usual crankiness is dialed up to eleven.  But playing Frogger and other games like it help me; it calms me down and makes me appreciate and enjoy the good games that have been left behind for today’s garbage.  It makes me smile at simply guiding a frog through traffic and a swamp filled with logs, turtles, and nasty little creatures just to get home.

That, to me, is gaming.  Not trying to juggle twenty different things at once all while being yelled at by other players because I didn’t perfectly execute one of my spells at exactly the right time.  That’s not fun.  Frogger is fun.

Deal with it, modern gamers.