April Fool fool

I was going to make an April Fool joke last night.

My plan since… well, since a long time ago, really, was to make a Retro Game of the Week post (resurrecting the RGotW for one week as a “special” return) featuring the game Halo.  And I’d even have a video of me playing it and “enjoying” the experience (playing the PC version via Wine).

Of course, the foolishness here is that I never really cared much for Halo and see it as part of gaming’s decline into mediocrity.  The same old style-over-substance argument against modern gaming definitely applied to Halo as it cared more about its graphics and Mary Sue (Gary Stu) protagonist in a world that should have been a movie instead of a series of dull, repetitive, boring games.

I will admit, though, the multiplayer was okay at best.

Oh well.  Didn’t feel like bothering.  Go play the original Unreal instead.  Hell, that game manages to look pretty and have awesome, compelling, great gameplay (with many open, exploration-focused levels — take that, Half-Life!)  that tells its story via simple translation messages (within the gameplay) and the gameplay itself.  Oh, and fantastic multiplayer.  What a radical concept.

Sorry I didn’t feel like fooling you.  I’m sure Google has some silly and/or lame foolishness for you, though.