Atari, part two: Atari Vault on Steam

In addition to the Art of Atari book I got, I also grabbed a game — or, more accurately, a collection of games — on Steam called Atari VaultAnd it is spectacular.Screenshot_20161229_204627.png

It is a collection of one hundred late 70s and early 80s Atari videogames for both the Atari 2600 and the arcades, perfectly playable through a menu system.  It contains a huge number of both popular, lesser-known, and unreleased games for both arcade and the 2600.  Not all are great games, mind you, but there are more than enough games included to spend a lot of time on.

It features many different options, such as video filtering to make games look more like they did on the displays at the time (something I always turn off — I find filters very distracting), multiple options for game inputs, game manuals for 2600 games and promotional fliers for arcade games, a handful of Steam achievements (most of which are a little tricky to get — so far, I’ve achieved half of the twelve achievements), and online leaderboards for arcade game high scores, which is just awesome — I’m pretty high up the list on most games, but pathetically low on some.

And it’s available on SteamOS/GNU, as well as Windows!  Thank you, Atari and Code Mystics, for being aware of the hardcore group of gamers playing on GNU.

Now, sure, I know, you can rev up an emulator and “obtain” all these games to play them, but really, you have to buy and play collections like this if you are a fan of old games like I am just to show companies that there are still gamers that actually care about old games.  I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to old games, and prove that I’m not just someone that plays old games because they are “available” through certain “means”.  I’m willing to pay for good, quality collections of old games like this.

I’m waiting for more, and I’ll be there, ready to buy.