World Series Baseball (Genesis) is the Retro Game of the Week for 27 September, 2016

Released: 1993
Publisher:  Sega
Developer: Blue Sky Software
Platform: Genesis
Genre: Sports
Played on: mednafen, gamepad

Another rough week, another last-minute Retro Game of the Week.  It’s as if I didn’t have seven whole days to prepare anything or something.

But this one is a game I played far too much of back when it was released, and the reason is that it was (and still is!) a really good baseball game.  I’m not the biggest fan of sports these days, but baseball is one of those games that really keeps my interest.  Something about a game that isn’t inherently violent and is so well-organized and balanced just appeals to me.

And World Series Baseball gives you a sense of real control over the game while still remaining very simple, as the pitching and batting controls are more than the typical “press button to pitch/throw” games of the time.  These days I do like a bit more behind-the-scenes management sim baseball games (which is why I like Out of the Park Baseball), but for an arcade-style game, this game is a really good one.

Seriously hope to have more than this next week.  Sorry, folks.  Go play baseball.

Go Braves!