Gorf (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Week for 29 August, 2016

Released: 1981
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Dave Nutting Associates
Platform: Arcade
Genre: Vertical shooter
Played on: MAME emulator, gamepad

The very reason I went to weekly Retro Game of the… entries was because I was unable to produce quality content on a daily basis, and I thought I would be able to produce better, less hurried content with better gameplay on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, this week isn’t going to be a shining example of what I had hoped would come of this move.

Basically, I’ve been very much under the weather all week, with one ailment or another keeping me down and not being motivated to work towards the goal of creating this week’s Retro Game of the Week.  So like I had to do when I was forcing out daily content, I just had to wing it this week with Gorf.  Sorry.

I absolutely adored Gorf in the arcades.  The game had an actual voice taunting you (a rough one, but still), the game was a combination of several gameplay types, including Space Invaders and Galaxian, and it was just challenging to play.  I basically fell in love with the game instantly.

Of course, many other games over the years have taken Gorf‘s spot in my heart as my favorites, but playing it now, I still hold a great fondness for the thing.  It is a very challenging space shooter without being a freaking bullet hell anti-fun nightmare.  What a concept, modern games.

Hopefully whatever I pick for next week will have a lot more to it.  Sorry, everyone.  But hell, when one day the city I live in decides that something has to spew caustic smoke into the air and absolutely destroy my lungs as only one day of a week of ailments, I think I’m entitled to have an excuse this one time.