RetroArch Issue List

  • Crashes the entire emulator if a core is misconfigured (missing a BIOS or other required file).
  • No configuration GUI available for specifying BIOS files or other required files for cores that require them (again, remember that this is supposed to be an all-in-one frontend emulator, not some simple launcher); given that cores should have their own options and don’t, this is inexcusable.
  • Cores that need extra files cannot find those files if you do not specify “expected” content (e.g. PrBoom requires its own WAD file loaded with the standard Doom WADs, but unless you launch only the downloadable Doom shareware version from its own Add Content option, it will not find the extra WAD file and will crash the emulator on launch).
  • Buggy file selector will at times rapidly switch back and forth between a directory and its parent over and over until you continually hit either Back or Select for a few moments.
  • Vulkan driver extremely buggy and slow and makes the newer N64 Vulkan-based core (ParaLLEl — more like ParaLOLOL) a slow, laughable, crashy mess when compared to the solid, just-works Mupen64Plus.
  • Unorganized, random mess of options means you’ll have to wade through several levels of unrelated garbage just to find what you want the emulator to do, and sometimes (as stated above regarding the configuration of cores) that option doesn’t even exist.
  • Near-useless “scan directory” option supposedly used to give you a list of core-specific ROMs to choose from is slow, unreliable, and doesn’t work most of the time.
  • In-game, ESC key is bound to “exit RetroArch completely”; seriously, what?  Sure, it can be rebound, but this is a dumb default option for an emulator that is supposed to act like a HTPC-like frontend for emulation.
  • Does not behave like it acts like it should.  RetroArch acts like it should be a real frontend and an almost HTPC (home theater PC)-like one at that, but the insane defaults, the bugginess, not asking for confirmation on exit (or in fact, anything) and crashing on misconfiguration goes completely against this.
  • Is trying to become the “standard” of emulation with some emulators for PC defaulting to being cores for RetroArch instead of being their own, standalone emulators (e.g. ParaLLEl and Genesis Plus GX) with all of these horrible, broken problems.
  • And worse, people actually accept this and continually use and support this horribly broken emulator and encourage its “standardization” of emulation by it becoming the only outlet for certain emulator cores on PC.

RetroArch is a travesty and a blight on modern emulation and anyone who supports it is supporting bad software and the downfall of emulation.