SimCity (Super Nintendo) is the Retro Game of the Day for 22 July, 2016

Since the Super Nintendo version was the easiest version to get up and going, I’m going to focus on that, but pretty much every classic SimCity game is an absolutely great game.  Honestly, I think the series reached its pinnacle with SimCity 3000 Unlimited, but any of its predecessors are great games as well.

Of course, your goal in SimCity is to build a city (building it on rock and roll is unfortunately not available) and manage its growth by placing vital buildings in advantageous locations and properly zoning the city for maximum growth, as well as managing financing.  There is no true goal except for some versions in the series that give you situational challenges; you are mostly just growing your city to see how well you manage it and how far it can grow.  Optionally you can enable disasters (natural and, well, not so natural disasters, including King Koopa (Bowser) in the SNES version to trample the city) and rise to the challenge of repairing the city afterwards.

It’s a game like The Sims and Civilization that you can absolutely get lost in and hours have past before you’re even aware of it.

Played using mednafen and a standard game controller.  No issues.