Gyruss (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 20 July, 2016

Okay, okay, no more Atari 2600.  I’ll just go back to posting 99% arcade games. (Heh.)

Gyruss is the spiritual successor to Galaxian and Galaga that moves your ship from the bottom of the screen to a circular path around the play area, fighting enemies that come from the center and off the play field.  You trek through our solar system (and Gyruss knew, even back then, that Pluto wasn’t actually a planet, as it started at Neptune), fighting off groups of enemies that come into the play field either from the center or from the outside of the screen in formations specific to the planet you are approaching (kill enough enemies before they all come to the center of the screen and you’ll get a random planet’s attack).  After you make it to each planet, you get the then-standard bonus wave of specific attack patterns, getting a huge bonus if you shoot down everyone.  Orbs that materialize part-way through the wave will give you a double shot to help out (and if you already have a double shot, the orb will just be another one of the orb’s protector enemies and you will just get points for killing it), and that’s pretty much all the help you get.

It’s a fun romp through our solar system, all set to Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue for all you classical music fans.

Played in mame with a gamepad; a bit rough to use since the rotation you did with the arcade game’s joystick gave you more of a sense of control than the standard gamepad controller.