Kaboom! (Atari 2600) is the Retro Game of the Day for 19 July, 2016

I think I’m about finished with my recent Atari 2600 obsession, but I had to get this one in here.  Using the paddle controllers, Kaboom! requires you to defuse a mad bomber’s bombs by catching them in buckets; miss and you lose one of your three buckets, making it more difficult to catch them.

Ah, good old “you’re failing, better make things harder” games.  Gotta love them.

Just like most 2600 games, it’s simple, but really, there’s a lot of fun and gameplay in that simplicity, which is the polar opposite of today’s overly complex yet dumbed down “games”.  Proof that we should be playing more 2600 games and not garbage like Dota 2 and especially Pokemon Go.  You want to “catch them all”, Pokemon fans?  Play Kaboom!, and you’ll have to catch them all… all the bombs.  And you will actually have fun.

Played in stella using a mouse as a substitute for the paddle controller.  Not too bad if a bit loose-feeling at times.