SkyRoads (DOS) is the Retro Game of the Day for 9 July, 2016

Amazingly, I’m not featuring an arcade game today.

Today, it’s SkyRoads, a simple yet challenging little DOS game where you navigate your ship through obstacles along a broken, crazy road in the sky.  Whoever approved the design of these crazy things as roads should probably be fired.  Regardless, you need to get to the end of each road (there are quite a few to get through) without hitting something or falling off.  You can speed up and slow down, steer left and right, and jump.  Sounds simple, but it’s incredibly frustrating and unforgiving at times — in a good way, since you always feel like it’s your fault you didn’t make that jump or didn’t line up that tunnel just right.  And a game that makes you feel like you’re to blame is always a good game.

Played using DOSBox.