Cyberball 2072 (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 7 July, 2016

Like I said in my RGotD for Tecmo Bowl, I’m not the biggest fan of American Football, or as I call it, “handegg”.  But I’ll play simplified videogame versions of it.  And Cyberball is probably the best version you can find because of its straightforward implementation of it and the fact that robots don’t get concussions and brain damage.  They just, you know, explode.

The gameplay is, of course, American Football with robots.  There’s nothing fancy here — no drama, no penalties, no ten yards per down.  That’s right, to reset the ball and keep it from exploding, in Cyberball you have to make it halfway down the field, and then over the goal line.  Otherwise, kaboom, there goes your ball carrier thanks to the exploding football.  And there’s none of this easy extra point kicking stuff either; throwing to a receiver successfully into the end zone gets you that “easy” one point, and if you want two points, you gotta run the thing.  Oh, and the football is set to explode if you fail.  Neat.

Cyberball 2072 was an upgrade to the original that I consider the definitive version of the title that added new plays, new game modes, and a power back for more flexibility, but they’re both still very fun games to play.  It’s one of those games that simulates a real thing and turns out infinitely better than the real thing.  I’d love to scrap the entire game of “handegg” (American Football) and replace it with Cyberball, with teams controlled by people up and out of the way of harm.  Come on, wouldn’t you love to see the opposing team’s shiny new quarterback that they paid millions for that outmaneuvers everyone get its comeuppance when it finally gets sacked on the Critical down and it gets destroyed in a fiery explosion from the ball?  I would.

And the only chance of concussions would be when the coach of said opposing team beats his head against the wall in frustration.

Game played in the latest version of MAME with a gamepad.  Works very well.