Bosconian (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 4 July, 2016

“Whatsconian?”  you might be asking.

Oh, are you missing out.

Combining the Galaga hardware with the Rally-X video layout, Bosconian almost plays like a cross between them both — a space shooter in a free-ranged space where your goal is to destroy enemy space stations, similar to your goal in Rally-X where you collect flags.  Add the challenging enemy ship formations coming at you and the almost incomprehensible voice synthesis (ever since I first played it back in the old days, I thought it was saying “A lie!  A lie!”; it’s actually “Alert, alert!” — but it sure doesn’t sound like it…) and you have a classic, awesome shooter that few people have heard of these days.

I really like doing Retro Game of the Day entries like this that showcase really good games that have very little exposure; I don’t even think this game was featured in any new “classic game collection” releases, from what I’ve seen, so you’ll probably have to fire up some emulator somewhere to play it.  Play the arcade version, and play it through mame; mame claims video emulation isn’t 100% accurate, but it seems close enough from what I remember.  Given that mame demands perfection from everything, there’s probably a couple of discolored pixels here and there that triggered that warning, so don’t sweat it, and just play.