Scramble (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 1 July, 2016

An absolute classic horizontal shooter for the arcades, Scramble is about as simple as you can get; shoot things with either your blaster or bombs, making sure to shoot fuel tanks along the way to refill your fuel gauge.  If you hit something, or lose all your fuel, you’ll die.  The game becomes progressively more difficult to navigate as you go on and the enemies become more unpredictable.  It’s a very early and near-perfect example of what so many other horizontal shooters over the years tried to capture.

I’m still unclear on how all these shooters expect me to believe that destroying fuel tanks somehow magically give you fuel, though.  You would think that the goal would be to not destroy the fuel tanks, or something.  Meh.  Videogame logic, who needs it as long as the game is fun?