Happy 20th, Quake 1

I do consider the original Quake (and only the original) a retro game, even though it was released in 1996.  It still has that retro feel and aesthetic that puts it solidly with games like Doom and not with its contemporaries.

It was twenty years ago when Quake was introduced to the world, and was still using DOS at that, even after Windows 95 had begun to take over the world (a nightmare from which we are only now just emerging from).

It’s pretty sad that the name Quake now evokes the memories of the multiplayer-only Quake III: Arena and Quake Live, something that used to at least resemble the passable Arena as a free, multiplatform online game and now is stripped down, forced onto Windows only, and costs money, and will soon receive yet another modern mutation of once-good gameplay, instead of the excellent Lovecraft-influenced fast-paced action game Quake 1 was.  More people need to play the vastly superior original Quake and see what a FPS really should be.  The excellent If Quake was done today video not only highlights the stupidity of most modern shooters, but shows people how classic Quake gameplay should be done (watch to the end to make sure you see Quake played how Quake should be played).

This is all sounding like a Retro Game of the Day, isn’t it?  Well, when I return Monday, I think you can all guess what game is going to be featured…