Tengen Tetris (NES) is the Retro Game of the Day for 12 June, 2016

It was the late 1980s, and Tetris was the hot new thing.  While puzzle games of all descriptions popped up in reaction everywhere, the original fought over the rights to be on the Nintendo Entertainment System (the NES).  Atari, with their rights to the arcade game, prepared an NES version under their Tengen banner and began creating a home version with many different game modes and great, arcade-style graphics.  Unfortunately, the original owners of Tetris had only given Atari the right to make an arcade version, and the home version rights belonged to Nintendo, who made a quick version with only two game modes and strange, blocky graphics.  The Tengen version was quickly recalled and became difficult to obtain.  Once again, the market is denied the superior version of a product.  It fortunately lives on in emulation, and I refuse to play the Nintendo version for the NES: it just doesn’t have as much variety and doesn’t look as good, either.

Sure, there are much better puzzle games available for a variety of systems, but it is Tetris that launched the craze, and if you’re going to remember a version, you should remember and play the best.

The game was played in mednafen and I had no problems with its emulation.