ActRaiser (Super Nintendo) is the Retro Game of the Day for 10 June, 2016

One part exploration/world building game, one part action/platformer, ActRaiser is another great title that defies the standard game formula and strikes out on its own to be this beautiful little blend of games that is more than the sum of its parts.

You are first commissioned by some little cherub angel… thing… to go down and wipe out monsters from an area by controlling a fighter wielding a sword.  After beating the boss, you are then returned to the cherub’s Sky Palace to begin developing a civilization of people, directing them to build roads and towns in an area with the ultimate goal of building over and defeating monster generators that create monsters that you, as said angel cherub, have to defend the town from using your arrows until the townspeople can seal them.  After all the monsters are sealed, you return to the action/platformer part of the game again to defeat the final monsters and boss of the area, and continue doing this for all of the areas on the map.

Each section is done very well, and the action/platformer part of the game rewards paying attention to attack patterns to keep you alive.  The whole experience of the game is one that is very memorable, and one of the best games released for the Super Nintendo platform.

I used mednafen to emulate the game, and of course, it plays perfectly with no problems at all.