Super Space Invaders ’91 is the Retro Game of the Day for 4 June, 2016

We’ve talked about the original Space Invaders, and now we have this.  A remake/re-imagining of the original game called Super Space Invaders ’91.  And it’s as good or even better than the original.  Imagine that — a remake that is as good as the original.  Listening, new game developers?

Super Space Invaders ’91 takes you through a ton of levels to an actual ending boss, fighting waves of Space Invaders-like formations of aliens along the way, except that many of those formations do some pretty wild things, like have individual invaders split into two, come at you in a circular pattern, split the formation into two sides so that each side will hit their “edge” faster and thus come down at you much faster, break off of their formation and attack Galaxian-style, etc.  There are also a few bosses along the way to break the monotony, and after beating several waves at a time, you get to fight on a different background (it really doesn’t affect gameplay, but it is better than sitting in one place, at least).  To help you out, the mostly useless except for points alien ships that flew across the top of the play field gain a function in this one; they drop a power up that will activate the now-missing shields above you, or give you a one or two use powerful secondary fire, or increase your shield (you get two per life), or your power (increasing your fire rate).

It’s a really fun remix of the original that is worth playing through on its own.  Give it a shot.  It is meant to be a bit of a quarter muncher given its arcade roots, though, but fortunately emulation removes the need to feed it actual (or substitute, in the case of tokens) currency to beat it.