Zoo Keeper (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 2 June, 2016

Another lesser-known, neat little arcade gem, Zoo Keeper is an arcade game about, well, a zoo keeper trying to keep animals fenced into an enclosure and on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from a monkey.  Silly, right?  But the game itself is a very fun game that ramps up its difficulty very quickly.

Your goal on the main stages is to run around a zoo cage, building a wall underneath you when you run, and keeping the animals that continually break down the wall from the inside from getting outside this enclosure.  If they get outside where you run around this perimeter, you will have to avoid them by jumping over them.  Periodically, a bonus item will appear (on a timer indicated by a progress bar on the top) for points, one of those items being a capture net that allows you to run into the animals on the outside of the enclosure (that normally take one of your lives) and fling them back inside.  Extra stages involve a platform jumping stage where you jump up to the top to save your girlfriend while avoiding coconuts flung down by the aforementioned monkey, and a stage that has you jumping over packs of animals coming at you.

It’s a varied, fun, and quite challenging game, and quite a memorable one.