Opening song to the Amiga ‘s “The Halley Project: A Mission in Our Solar System”

My long search is finally over.

Ever since Amiga emulation became a real possibility, I have been trying to find a certain game or program that had a particular opening song that I remembered from back when I heard it over at my friend’s house.  All I remember is that it was from Mindscapeand we had no idea what they were singing except that it sounded somewhat like “Mindscape in the Amiga… ohhhhh”.

When browsing a list of Amiga titles today, one Mindscape title caught my eye.  I vaguely remember the title in question having something to do with space, and the name “The Halley Project – A Mission In Our Solar System” sounded about right.  And after fiddling with getting an Amiga emulator to work correctly for a little while, I finally saw the Mindscape logo come up… a moving starfield appeared… the opening text zoomed in… and the song that I remember played.


And I still can’t tell what they’re singing.  Still sounds like “Mindscape in the Amiga” to me.