Crystal Castles (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 30 May, 2016

A game I haven’t played in a very long time, Crystal Castles was a trackball-controlled arcade game with a jump button that allows Bentley Bear to move around a series of castles to collect all the gems.  And while you do lose a bit of what the trackball brings to this game using a mouse via emulation (of course, ideally, you’d have an actual trackball), it’s still a pretty good representation of the game I remember.

The game plays a bit like any maze chase game, requiring the protagonist of the game to collect a bunch of gems scattered around a level that is viewed from a skewed angle to allow the viewing of several elevated (by stairs and by elevators) platforms.  Enemies that basically follow you go around and can collect the gems as well, and if they collect the final gem, the level ends as usual but without a level completion bonus.  Each level contains either a hat which makes Bentley invincible for a time or a honey pot that delays the appearance of a swarm of bees.

It’s a pretty fun little game that again takes an established game genre and adds new wrinkles to it to keep it fresh.  Certainly a difference from today’s Generic First Person Shooter That Is Exactly The Same As Every Other Except Here’s A Slightly Different Scenario.  Sheesh.