Ninja Gaiden (NES) is the Retro Game of the Day for 29 May, 2016

The NES had some pretty technically difficult games, such as Castlevania and Contra.  But none frustrated so many, so much, as a game that was remade and remade just as difficult in the new gaming era, Ninja Gaiden.

I’ve never played the new series, but I would hope that it, like the old version, treats death as a fair but omnipresent thing that makes the players feel like they are the one to blame, and not something inherent in the game itself that makes it unfair.  Unfortunately, so many newer games take the difficulty down this road, and I just want people and game developers to play old NES games where the difficulty was so crazy and yet so fair that people not only got mad for losing so much, they were mad at themselves.

But Ninja Gaiden did bring in the mid-level cinematic story sequences that plague games these days; fortunately, they are only mid-level, they aren’t necessary for the enjoyment of the game itself, and you can skip them.  Still, this is one of the games I do blame for planting those seeds, and as much as I enjoy the game itself, it is sad that it may have partially caused the situation we’re in today.

Still, absolutely a great game and one worth playing.  The above video was done with no practice time so I’m pretty horrible at everything, but honestly, even with practice I probably wouldn’t have done much better…