Mad Planets (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 28 May, 2016

Sometimes I remember games I played back when I was a teenager that I think was probably just a crazy dream and they didn’t really exist anywhere but in my mind.  Oddly enough, thanks to emulation and the internet, I can prove to myself that they do, in fact, exist.

Mad Planets is one of those games, and oddly enough, Wikipedia doesn’t even have an article about the game.  It’s a pretty simple free-moving space shooter game with a metallic thumping (sometimes annoying) soundtrack that has you destroying developing planets before they become full planets with attacking moons, and then when you destroy their moons, they become the eponymous “mad planets”.  Yes, this is actually what the game was about.  You also had to watch for wandering comets attacking you and pick up lost spacemen for bonus points.

Yes, this game was quite bizarre.  Thus why I believed it only existed in my crazy head, but it, in fact, did actually exist.  And I remembered it being pretty fun, and strangely enough, it held up pretty well — I just played it a few times and found myself having a good time dodging and blasting things, though the thumping electric soundtrack was sort of jarring.

Goes to show you that even crazy games that sounded too strange to exist from the most obscure corners of 80s gaming still blows away anything today.