Qix (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 22 May, 2016

Again showing the incredible diversity and imagination of early gaming, Qix somehow made drawing lines fun, as you tried to fill in at least three-fourths of a playing field while avoiding the chaotic Qix roaming the unfilled space (making it more dangerous the more you’ve filled in) and the Sparks that move along the edges and the lines you’ve created, forcing you to avoid them.  There’s no time for delaying once you’ve started drawing, either — a Fuse will come after you as soon as you stop drawing an already started new line.  This balance of keeping you on your toes while you’re not drawing and the speed you need to exhibit while drawing makes Qix a very high rated game, in my view.

Oddly enough, this game was the inspiration of a lot of, well, questionable arcade games featuring scantily clad (and some not even that) women (both drawn and real) as a reward for your Qix-like gameplay efforts.  Games like Gals Panic take this game mechanic and offer pornography as a reward.  Very strange choice of game to pair with pornography, but I suppose it speaks to the quality of the gameplay of the original.