Bonk’s Adventure (TurboGrafx-16) is the Retro Game of the Day for 19 May, 2016

Not much to say about this one, really.  I never owned a TurboGrafx-16 back in the day, but a friend had one with a few games, including this one which I played a little.  It’s gotten more gameplay from me as of late using emulation, and I’ve been able to appreciate Bonk’s Adventure as what it is — a very well done platformer that wasn’t just a quick cash-in on the success of Super Mario Bros. 

As the titular Bonk, you get to go through tons of prehistoric-themed levels, all to — well, there’s probably a reason for it all, probably to save someone, but really, in games, does it matter?  That’s the difference in games then and now; back then, you didn’t have to care, necessarily.  You just had fun doing it.  What happened to that?  Okay, Wikipedia says you’re “[rescuing] Princess Za (a small pink Pleisiosaur-type reptile) who has been kidnapped by the evil King Drool (a large, green,Tyrannosaurus-type dinosaur)”.  So typical, standard fare for these types of games. Would you rather focus on the fact that it’s just standard fare and ignore it, or actually play it and figure out that there are some really unique and fun gameplay elements in there?  I know what I’d rather do.

Go play the games.