RIP AND TEAR! DOOM (DOS) is the Retro Game of the Day for 13 May, 2016!

As “NuDoom” (as I call it, the new Doom game released in 2016) racks up accolades based on… well, I don’t even know what, because the internet at large were blasting its horrible multiplayer component not so long ago and its single player gameplay is absolutely NOTHING like what Doom is supposed to be but now, suddenly, it’s 10/10 best game ever.  I really don’t think modern gaming and gamers are even trying any more.  It’s some sort of rampant herd mentality jumping all over the latest game because someone persuaded them to buy it and people don’t want to feel like they’re dumb for buying into the latest pile of garbage, so they “pretend” to like it.  And as things go, I’m sure in a few months no one will even remember NuDoom and many will proclaim that after all is said and done, it was crap.

But it doesn’t even matter, because Bethesda/id/whoever else now has their money, and their sales figures, and poorly done “gaming” will march right along, putting out mediocre title after mediocre title.  AAA gaming has become a laughable mess, convincing fools to buy an endless string of style-over-substance garbage.

Meanwhile, there’s Doom.  No, not NuDoom.  Doom.  The original, the best, and possibly the greatest game of all time.  It is to me, at least.

Doom (and from here on out, when I say Doom, I do mean the 1993 original game — this new abomination isn’t even related to Doom, in my mind) brought a wonderfully crafted gameplay experience to gaming that has yet to be rivaled.  Enemies come to you in hordes, not in carefully released spurts in a certain area.  Enemies have distinct ways of attacking you in a way that shooting them isn’t just mindless — you need to prioritize and think about the way you are going to attack them, taking out the most dangerous ones first, and that doesn’t always mean taking out the strongest one (as an example, in a room with the dangerous Baron of Hell and a bunch of much weaker Shotgun Guys, taking out the weaker Shotgun Guys first is prudent because even though the Baron has a greater potential for damage, his attack his visible and can be dodged, while the Shotgun Guys attacks are instant and can’t be).  You have a varied range of weaponry with limited ammunition that you have to manage and prioritize, making sure to use the heavier and more damaging (and more limited) ammunition against a situation that really needs it.  NuDoom, and seemingly every other modern FPS, doesn’t even come close to this level of simple complexity (an apt oxymoron for what Doom brings in its simple-seeming yet deep gameplay).

And then there is the level design.  Maps that sprawl out in all directions, forcing you to actually explore your environment.  From what I’ve seen of NuDoom, there isn’t a real “sprawl” to the game, just a bunch of connected pieces that do nothing more than hide a fairly simple linearity to the game.  It’s admirable that NuDoom isn’t just a straight linear game like many other modern shooters (including Doom 3, another quasi-Doom game that isn’t really Doom), but I have absolutely not seen anything of the grandness and the well thought-out planning that went into every original Doom level.  In many ways, many Doom levels are almost puzzle-like, making you fit together keys, switches, and discovering areas that come together to open the final area to the exit switch.

You’re also not “rewarded” with a shower of ammo and health at all times just by punching a demon in the face, as NuDoom seems to advocate.  I heard one person gushing about NuDoom saying that the abundance of health in that game was welcome, as it keeps you from having to scrounge around for health.  That isn’t Doom, friend.  In Doom, health is a resource just like your ammunition, and it is your job to keep that resource filled at all times by hunting for it.  The game showering you with health is only one step away from regenerating health, which is a bad, bad thing.  Sure, some enemies in Doom drop ammo, but guess what — it’s for a reason.  See, those enemies were carrying a certain weapon, and killing that enemy gets you ammo for that weapon.  What a simple, awesome concept when put against the dumb stupidity of “punch enemy in face, gain shower of ammo and health for no reason”.

Can you tell I love Doom?

Honestly, it’s one of my favorite games of all time.  Hell, fine, I’ll be honest.  It is my favorite game of all time.  Hands down.  While Doom II might be a bit lacking in the level design aspect compared to the original game, it still absolutely destroys any other game and would absolutely be my favorite if it wasn’t for the original Doom game.

Well, maybe it would have been Final Doom.  

Go play this game, everyone.  Play it and see how Doom is really supposed to be.  And stop falling for these style-over-substance modern games, even if they’re pretending to be something they’re not.

And oh yeah, Doom also has a fantastic multiplayer component.  Even NuDoom’s biggest “fans” can’t say the same about that game.  And you can build real levels in Doom, not just piece together existing parts from existing ones.  Lame.