Space Invaders (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Day for 8 May, 2016

You want retro, you got it.  Space Invaders is one of my earliest memories of arcade games, aside from Pong itself, and a port of it was my first home video game on the Atari 2600.  And surprisingly enough, the game really still holds up.  It’s a challenging game that keeps you on your toes dodging increasingly quick and low shots while trying to thin down the formation fast enough to keep it from landing and ending your game.

The sound effect of the advancing aliens was incredibly simple yet so effective, much like the simple Jaws music foretelling the approach of the shark.  As you whittle down the invaders, the beat of the sound becomes faster, making the adrenaline pump even faster as you try to rid the screen of invaders, and the incredibly fast motion and sound beat of a single alien that you have to anticipate your shot to kill is one of the defining and great moments in the history of gaming.

It’s probably a game many modern gamers overlook as overly simple and not worth playing.  They should all really give it some game time.